Why I Will Not Vote

At the time of the writing of this article I am not yet old enough to cast a vote for a presidential candidate, however I am going to explain why I would not, even if I were.

#1-It does not matter who is president, because the president does not have the ability to change the system, the president is participating in the system.

#2-Voting is worse than useless because for one, the system is rigged, and for another it is the system of our enemies. And yes you read it right, our enemies!

At this point most of you are thinking that I have gone crazy. You think that this system of government is the one that the founding fathers instituted, and that it just needs some work. That could not be further from the truth.

Let me give you an example. Do you believe that the American revolution was a justified use of force against tyranny? Most of you would say yes (if you say no, we need to have an entirely different conversation.) So for the sake of discussion let’s say that the British won the war, succeeding in compelling the American colonies to remain under their “authority” by force of arms. In this scenario, the government that the people no longer see fit to govern over them, has killed thousands of their people, stolen much of their land, and committed many other atrocities in the name of  “authority,” just to keep its power (now completely illegitimate) over them. At this point I would ask you, what good would it possibly accomplish for the colonists to get involved in British politics? None whatsoever. They no longer deem you capable of living your life without their intervention. They claim to own you. Some of you are probably getting my drift here. Others may be going okay so what’s the point, we won the War for Independence?

At this point I am going to enter into a very controversial subject. We lost the last War for Independence. This is not the government of our founding fathers gone bad. That form of government ceased to exist in 1864. What we have now is a system set up by the ones who no longer deem us fit to live our lives without their intervention; by those who saw fit to subdue an entire nation of people by force of arms to remain under their domain; by those who are smart enough to adopt the old practices in order to keep people thinking that they can make a difference by participation. They know that the best way to keep people under their rule is to indoctrinate them to such an extent that they think that the army of their oppressors is fighting for their freedom by spreading its tentacles across the globe, when what it is really doing is feeding its voracious appetite for power. By scaring the people so badly with these terrorist groups which have been created, either directly or indirectly, by the U.S. government, and with so many other things, that the people will gladly give up their rights, and even beg for their own enslavement, so that they can be protected from whatever boogeyman is the latest “threat,” not realizing that they are becoming more and more helpless each time. If you can get an entire generation to believe that you are their savior, you have no need to repeal the constitution, or bill of rights. All you have to do is gradually make them null and void through regulation, all the while holding a mockery of an election every 4 years, in which all the “free Americans” line up by the millions to vote for the lesser of two evils in hopes that “he’ll pull us a few feet back from the edge.” If you succeed in getting people to believe in the illusion of choice, and faulty “authority,” all you have to do is wait. The people will hang themselves in your noose. They will quibble within the finer points of the system, not realizing that we are headed in the same direction we started in 1864, and that this is the logical end of voting within the enemy’s system for the lesser of two evils for over 150 years. Some would accuse me of being irresponsible, saying something to the effect of “okay fine, just sit on the couch on election day. You have no right to complain when (insert name of candidate they are not voting for) gets in and takes away our rights. To that I would say that, number one nobody on the face of the earth has the ability to take away a right. All they can do is make it harder to exercise it, and number two, I am doing something, I am preparing for what is ahead, and at the same time trying to get people to realize that the only course left us is to get rid of this entire system and start over.

A man who understood the lethality of lethargy far more than almost every American today once said, “…we must fight! I repeat it, sir, we must fight! An appeal to arms and to the God of Hosts is all that is left us!”


3 thoughts on “Why I Will Not Vote

  1. Well your initial, opening statement pretty much sums it up then when you state, “…I’m not yet old enough to cast a vote…”. You see, you’re ALSO not yet old enough (and hopefully you’ll mature as you age) to understand a host of things.

    There’s waaaaaaaaaay too much to dissect, but suffice it to say, you’re clueless kid, totally clueless.

    I didn’t even bother reading your post, because like I said, your initial statement explains it all.


    • Having not even read the post, you can not possibly know if I’m clueless or not. If you would like to discuss why you think I am wrong I would happily do that, but if your not even going to read the post there is no way for us to discuss the topic.


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